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Crosspath Services Limited is a privately owned company that specializes in the production of security systems for ATMs, Ticket machines, Safes and Strong Rooms including normal and special security doors, walls and ceilings. The technology revolves around unique sensor detection systems.


Whilst a few other systems already exist in typical standard formats, the Crosspath system electronics provide a much higher level of security and detection as they operate in a completely different way that minimises false operation which retains the integrity of the security system.


They are deployable in most scenarios and are effectively aware of their environment making them difficult to fool and subsequently provoke into false alarm. This leads to an unprecedented level of security and immunity.


We are unaware of other systems on the market that operate in the same way providing the level of detection and resiliance to false activation.


The founders of Crosspath Services have been in the security industry for most of their occupational careers resulting in a practical understanding in evaluating individual security needs and subsequently applying the necessary technology and solutions.


The systems are highly cost effective and successfully deployed within the UK by the five largest UK banks and are used by all UK major security companies.


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